Right now you can get Three's impressive 150Mbps 5G Hub FREE for three months

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Sometimes, the best broadband deals on the market cover more than just traditional fixed-line connections. Today, we've found an interesting offer that certainly fits this billing... 

This is because, right now, Three's 5G Hub is completely free for the first three months of a 24-month contract. After this initial free period, the price only rises to £20 per month - this means it's still one of the cheapest broadband options around! Plus, as it offers truly unlimited data and average download speeds of 150Mbps, it can provide a connection that can rival many of the market's best fibre broadband deals. 

Given the advertised speeds and the unlimited data you receive when you take out this package, we think it's a great option for busy families that live in large households. That said, it will only be right for you if your home can receive a reliable 5G connection. Thankfully, this is something that you can easily and quickly check on Three's website when you click through using the link above. Just give them your postcode and they'll do the rest. 

But, before you take out this deal, you should take the time to truly understand 5G home broadband deals and whether they're right for you. This is because they're different to traditional broadband deals and provide their own advantages and disadvantages. Thankfully, our 5G home broadband guide reveals everything you need to know. 


Three 5G Hub | 150Mbps download speeds | FREE for three months, then £20 per month | Unlimited data | 24-month contract 

Three 5G Hub | 150Mbps download speeds | FREE for three months, then £20 per month | Unlimited data | 24-month contract 
Right now, you can get Three's market-leading 5G hub completely free for the first three months. For the remainder of the 24-month contract, the price of the deal rises to £20 per month. But even then, this is still one of the cheapest 5G home broadband deals around. Plus, it comes with completely unlimited data and rapid average download speeds of 150Mbps. 

Why choose Three for 5G home broadband?

Alongside EE, Three is the market leader when it comes to 5G home broadband solutions. 

When you look at this particular deal, it's easy to see why. After all, not only is it free for three months, but you also receive truly unlimited data and 'near instant' downloads thanks to the 150Mbps average download speeds. These are more than quick enough to allow multiple people to stream and download simultaneously. 

But, not only are Three's deals cheap and reliable, the company also prides itself on providing excellent customer service. This can be seen through the fact it offers free next working-day delivery if you order before 8pm and a 30-day money back guarantee. 

Is 5G home broadband right for me? 

In terms of 5G home broadband deals, we think this offer from Three is unbeatable. But, this doesn't necessarily mean that a 5G deal is right for you, and we highly recommend that you read our guide to the best 5G home broadband deals before you take out this (or any) mobile broadband package. 

This is because these deals work differently to fixed-line connections. This means that have their own positives and negatives that you need to be aware of. For example, because they rely on mobile data rather than fibre-optic cables, there's no need for an engineer to visit your home and you can get online the very next day. 

But, there are downsides as well. For example, 5G still isn't widely available outside cities and major towns, and it's not uncommon for coverage to be patchy. Plus, only a limited number of providers offer 5G deals, so the same amount of choice isn't available. 

Keen to learn more? Head over to our guide to 5G home broadband and make sure you understand exactly what's involved with receiving such a connection. 

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