5G broadband can slash your broadband bills - here's how

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If a cheap broadband deal is what you are looking for, 5G broadband would likely be an ideal solution for you, but many are yet to discover the benefits of this new cable-less broadband solution for themselves. 

When you look at broadband deals across fibre, full fibre, and even gigabit internet offerings, you might find yourself limited by a number of factors such as provider availability, cost, or even the infrastructure in place in your home, but with 5G broadband, many of these issues quickly become obsolete.

What is 5G broadband?

5G broadband is a cable-less internet solution that requires almost zero setup and is much more widely accessible for those potentially limited by factors such as their finances or the broadband infrastructure in their area. 

5G broadband utilises a SIM card, like those used in your mobile phone, to connect you to a network that provides you with your connection, alongside a router similar to that which you would expect from your standard broadband deal which then spreads the broadband signal around your home.

5G broadband offers are becoming increasingly available through some of the best broadband providers on the market, and thanks to the recent improvements in 5G connectivity, more areas than ever are able to access this type of connection than ever. 

How much does 5G broadband cost?

5G broadband deals are often cheaper than you would see from their cable broadband competitors, this comes as a result of a number of factors. 

Firstly, since 5G broadband simply requires you to plug in your 5G router and enter a SIM card, there is no need for an engineer to install your new connection and consequently, you will never find setup costs included as part of the price. 

Secondly, since it is not requiring any form of advanced connection methods like you see in fibre or full-fibre connections, there is less need to increase cost based on the way your connection reaches your home. 

Finally, your 5G broadband deal consists of a data plan like you would expect from a mobile phone deal, this means you can pick a contract with the right amount of data for you so you aren’t paying for data you won't use, helping you save long term on your broadband bill. And if you already have a mobile contract with a network offering 5G broadband, you can expect to save even more, as many networks offer existing customer discounts on their broadband contracts to try and tempt you into signing up. 

Is 5G broadband fast?

5G broadband offers speeds comparable to its cable broadband counterparts without any difficulty. In recent tests by Speedtest.net, 5G broadband download speeds reached up to 265Mb/s and recorded latencies as low as 30ms, making 5G broadband a strong choice for those looking for a strong enough connection to stream, game, and stay connected across numerous devices. 

What’s more? Since 5G broadband only requires the 5G router to be plugged in, if you are struggling to find a strong connection, you can simply unplug it, move it to a new location in your house, and test until you find the perfect spot to give you the best 5G broadband speeds possible.

Where can I find the best 5G broadband deals? 

To find the best deals in your area check out our 5G broadband deals page. In short, though, Three currently offers some of the strongest 5G broadband deals on the market, offering speeds up to 265Mb/s from only £20 per month. If you’re looking for a great mobile broadband deal, Three also offers mobile broadband solutions from as little as £12 per month, meaning you can stay connected whether you are at home or on the go for less than you’d pay any of the major broadband providers. You can check whether Three Broadband is available in your area by using their coverage checker to see what is available to you. 

Other 5G broadband providers include EE, Vodafone, Sky, BT and Tesco Mobile to name a few, each of whom offers competitive benefits and prices, often also offering exclusive deals for existing customers, so if you are looking for a great 5G broadband deal and want to save as much as possible, make sure to check out your own network providers offerings to see how much you can save.

Three 5G Home Broadband - Unlimited data, 24 months, £20 per month, £0 upfront:

Three 5G Home Broadband - Unlimited data, 24 months, £20 per month, £0 upfront: Get Three 5G Home Broadband for only £20 per month. 

With download speeds up to 265Mb/s and latency as low as 34ms you get a strong connection without all the hassle of cable broadband, and Three's 5G Home Broadband app provides the perfect home for all the information you need about your new 5G broadband router and how to get the best connection for your home.

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