This giant, 27-inch digital calendar is here to organize your family’s life

Skylight Calendar Max on wall
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Smart frame brand Skylight is expanding beyond digital photo frames by launching a new 27-inch calendar monitor, aptly named the Calendar Max or Cal Max for short.

It functions similarly to the older 10-inch and 15-inch models with several key differences. The biggest change is its size, and with size comes a higher resolution. The Cal Max outputs a Quad HD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixel) image, making it easy to quickly glance at everyone’s schedules for the week. It can be placed horizontally on a wall, or if space is tight, vertically thanks to Portrait Mode. Additionally, the screen is covered in an anti-glare coating ensuring its viewability even under direct sunlight. 

Skylight Calendar Max corner

(Image credit: Skylight)

Design-wise, the Cal Max resembles the previous 10-inch model due to its rounded corners. This time, however, the frame surrounding the screen can be swapped out. Interested customers can choose between a plastic frame in either black or white and an aluminum Shadow Box frame. The latter is available in charcoal gray or a plain metallic finish. You can choose a frame at the Cal Max's checkout page. However, there isn’t an option to buy the two borders at the same time or separately down the line.


When it comes to features, Skylight’s new monitor has every single tool the older devices have on board. It can display scheduled events from multiple calendar services like Google Calendar and Outlook. Of course, you can always create your own directly on the Cal Max itself or via the official mobile app on Android and iOS. Once you’ve created an event, you can assign it to certain people in your household with the Color Coding tool.

The Cal Max also has specialized tools for specific use cases. The Chore Chart gamifies doing chores by rewarding users with accomplishments whenever one is completed. Customized Views lets you switch between certain views; be it daily, weekly, or monthly. Then there’s Sleep Mode, allowing users to set a schedule for the display so it turns off at night and turns back on in the morning. 

Other notable features include 32GB of storage as well as two four-watt speakers for audio.


The Calendar Max monitor is currently available for pre-order in the US on the company’s website. Prices differ depending on which frame you choose. The plastic option sells for $599.99 while the aluminum one has a $629.99 price tag. Orders will begin shipping out this June. Supplies are limited, although you can reserve a Cal Max by paying a $100 deposit.

We reached out to the company asking for information on an international launch. It seems there aren’t any plans for a wider rollout. This story will be updated at a later time.

As alluded to earlier, Skylight cut its teeth in the tech industry by producing digital picture frames such as its flagship Skylight Frame device. They’re a niche tech great at displaying a slideshow of photographs from your recent vacation or a series of family portraits. 

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