When you wish upon a star: Disney-themed Fujifilm X100V unveiled

Disney-themed Fujifilm X100V camera on a wooden table
(Image credit: Fujifilm)

After partnering with Leica for a limited run of special edition Q2 compact cameras earlier this year, Disney has now courted Fujifilm with an even more exclusive project; 100 Disney-themed X100V compact cameras, complete with branded accessories that mark the 100th anniversary of Disney (and Fujifilm’s 55th anniversary). 

You can’t buy a Fujifilm X100V in 2023 and you’d be even more fortunate (or hell-bent) to bag one of these Disney-themed versions; walk-in preorders in three stores across Hong Kong started on 13 July 2023, with a release date of 29 July 2023. 

The Fujifilm Disney project website reveals the list price for one of the 100 cameras, each equipped with a unique serial number, is HK$14,999. That price converts to around $1,918 / £1,465 / AU$2,807 – not a bad deal for one of the best compact cameras in 2023, plus some of the proceeds will go to the Hong Kong Community Chest to support its children and youth services. 

What’s in the box?

Well… a deluxe wooden box itself is part of the package, and inside you’ll find the Disney-themed X100V that is functionally identical to an original model. It’s only the modified aesthetics that are new; the monochrome Disney Mickey and Friends Collection design over the faux-leather finish, plus a Disney 100 and unique serial number etched onto the camera’s top plate.

Additional accessories include a thumb rest, camera strap, and leather half-case, all with Disney 100 branding. Considering the asking price is similar to a regular X100V, it’s actually a bit of a bargain, and the design is kind of fun too. It’s also novel that a brand other than Leica is running a limited edition of one of its coveted cameras. I've always fancied going to Hong Kong... now how much are the flights…

Timothy Coleman
Cameras editor

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