The best weighted blankets 2024 for calmer, sounder sleep

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Treating yourself to one of the best weighted blankets could well be a way to help you sleep better at night, particularly if it's anxiety that's keeping you awake. Weighted blankets are exactly what the name suggests: blankets with extra weight, usually provided by small glass beads in little pockets. This means they can apply gentle pressure across your body that, thanks to a process called deep pressure stimulation (DPS), can help you sleep more soundly.

Beyond the weighted filling, most weighted blankets are made using cotton or linen, or in some cases sustainable fabrics such as bamboo or flannel, all of which feel soft against your skin as you fall asleep. Weights can vary; lightweight blankets may be only a few pounds, while the heaviest option in our listing is a hefty 30lbs. As a rule you should choose a blanket that weighs around 10% of your body weight; this can mean that the best weighted blanket for you may not be right for your partner.

The sensation of using a weighted blanket is often described as similar to that of being hugged, and many people find that they can help with anxiety and insomnia, while others find that they can combat disorders such as increased heart rate and restless legs syndrome. By teaming one of the best weighted blankets up with one of the best mattresses or best pillows, you stand a good chance of turning your bed into a wonderfully restful spot.

Whatever your budget you should be able to find a weighted blanket to suit; we've gathered together a selection covering everything from super-affordable options to high-end luxury models with prices to match. With that in mind, read on to see our picks of the best weighted blankets.

The best weighted blankets in 2024 - as chosen by experts

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How to choose the best weighted blanket for you

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When it comes to choosing the right weighted blanket for you, you need to decide what’s important for your needs. Price is a factor for most, so if you’re looking for a weighted blanket on a budget, check to make sure it’s made with the type of materials that are suitable for your needs. Most weighted blankets are made with cotton exteriors, which give the blankets a soft feel against the skin when snuggling up to them at night, while others blankets, with more expensive price tags, are made from plush, organic cotton or even velvet.

The materials inside the blanket also need to be small enough, and heavy enough to feel comforting and not overbearing - most brands advise picking a weight that is 10% of your body weight. If keeping your cover clean is a priority and you don’t want the fuss of dry cleaning it, some weighted blankets also come with removable covers which you can wash. Warranty and trial periods are also important - especially if you’re unhappy with your purchase and want your money back.

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