Astell&Kern's new hi-res music player comes in titanium to match your iPhone 15 Pro

Astell&Kern TITAN SE300
(Image credit: Astell&Kern)

The iPhone 15 Pro isn't the only high-end device to embrace titanium recently: Astell&Kern's SE300 hi-res audio player is now available in the super-tough metal too. The new SE300 Titan Edition uses aerospace-grade titanium to make it lighter and stronger than before. Titanium is more resistant to corrosion and, according to Astell&Kern, it delivers audio benefits too.

Here's the company's explanation: Because titanium can better withstand heat and electrical conductivity "this vastly reduces any temperature variations or electrical interference within R-2R DACS and analog amplifiers to produce the most natural, distortion-free sound possible". 

Will you notice the difference compared to the best MP3 players? I have no idea. But you'll definitely notice the difference in how it looks and how it feels. If you thought Astell&Kern's players were pretty premium already, titanium is even more metal. 

Astell&Kern SE300 Titan: key features

The exterior of the SE300 Titan is made in a five-axis, vibration-free CNC machine of the kind often used to make premium watches. It's been shaped by a combination of "six-axis control robots" and skilled engineers to create a "flawless" wave-like surface that's undeniably nice to look at. 

But of course, it's what's inside that really matters. And inside there's the same tech as the normal Astell&Kern SE300. So that's a R-2R DAC, a dual AMP mode with class A amplification and Astell&Kern's own Teraton Alpha tech to remove power noise and deliver consistent, unwavering audio amplification.

The new Astell&Kern SE300 Titan has an RRP of £2,299 and is available directly from the company's own website or via its network of trusted retailers. If that's a bit of a stretch, Astell&Kern is currently discounting its SE180: it's selling for £999 on Amazon UK, down from £1,869. There are also big discounts on the desktop amp/player, the ACRO CA1000.

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