Spotify Supremium leaks reveal features and logo for its incoming HiFi tier

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Please Spotify – we need some new Supremium imagery (Image credit: Spotify )

You might recall that the Spotify HiFi tier was announced back in February 2021 – and though we've had to use the same promo image for related stories ever since, such has been the lack of any news about it, that could be about to change.

Yes, Spotify HiFi might actually be well and truly launching in the not-too-distant future… although let's not get our hopes up too much. Technologist and tipster Chris Messina has taken to Threads to share what appears to be the logo for the product, and some other details.

As previously rumored, it's being called Supremium – which we assume means it will be both super and premium. You'll apparently get advanced mixing tools, more detailed stats of your listening history, and some free audiobooks, as well as 24-bit lossless audio.

All of this will cost you $19.99 per month it seems, a figure we've heard before. Right now you'll pay $10.99 per month for a Spotify Premium subscription in the US, so we're looking at almost twice the price for the additional features.

More for your money

If Spotify has been busy bundling more goodies into the more expensive tier then it makes sense that the product launch has been delayed – Messina says the HiFi branding "is dead", so it's no longer just about high-resolution audio streaming.

Spotify clearly thinks it needs to bundle more perks into a super-premium offering to get people to sign up. The advanced stats, for instance, will apparently be similar to what you get with – a sort of ongoing Spotify Wrapped that updates year-round.

A lot of these perks have already been leaked, and of course AI is heavily involved, as it is with everything at the moment. Whether or not people will pay up for even smarter recommendations and insights remains to be seen, however.

As for the logo, it's really just Supremium written in the Spotify font and with the Spotify logo. Given the rate at which the leaks are piling up, an official launch can't be too far off, although we haven't heard any rumors about a specific date.

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