Belkin Power Dock review

Charge up your iPod with sweet simplicity

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Our Verdict

This adds convenience to your Mac set-up and doesn’t cost the earth


  • Fair price
  • Convenient
  • Simple


  • No remote

This is the simplest iPod dock we've seen from Belkin, and that simplicity is the precise reason why we like it. Belkin makes quality iPod docks, such as the decent TuneSync and TuneCommand A/V docks, but unlike those models, which are more expensive, the Power Dock does away with the remote to cut down the price.

That's about the only omission, and it doesn't really matter, because this kind of dock is meant for someone who just wants to plonk down their iPod to charge it and sync with their Mac, and not faff about browsing the iPod with a remote.

This Power Dock still charges your iPod, syncs to your Mac over USB, and has an AV-out for linking up to your existing hi-fi. It should appeal to anyone with a stereo nearby to their Mac who just can't see the point of buying a separate iPod speaker system - and there is little point if you own one of these. Everything works as it should, making it a good buy for £26.