Panasonic TX-L32D28BP
The purple tinged frame may not suit all tastes so be sure to check it out before you buy

Sharp tx-l32d28bp

Most of the constituent parts of a reference Blu-ray picture are present on the TX-L32D28BP, though a touch more contrast and shadow detailing – as well as a more forgiving frame insertion feature – would take it alarmingly close to LED perfection.

We liked:

Easy on the eye on all fronts, the TX-L32D28BP hides hi-def pictures, easy DLNA networking for music and photos and a wide viewing angle within an excellent design, while the prospect of Skype and more on-demand programming on Viera Cast means this TV will keep on giving.

We disliked:

SD pictures can disappoint, as can its USB and SD card slots – neither appear to play DivX HD files and it's incredibly fussy when it comes to your hard drive choice for USB recording. There are also some average speakers and a creaking user interface that doesn't do justice to either the Freesat HD or Freeview HD platforms; its seductive purple surround is hiding plenty of minor flaws.


An inch-and-a-half deep may not sound much considering the TX-L32D28BP's huge haul of features, but it's actually a tad fatter than most edge-lit LED TVs.

This well designed beauty produces an excellent picture performance that sees it over the hurdles of a clunky interface and fussy approach to digital media. But those are sideshows; the TX-L32D28BP may be expensive, but it's got a load more talent than your average 32-inch LCD TV.

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