Panasonic TX-L32D28BP
The purple tinged frame may not suit all tastes so be sure to check it out before you buy

Sharp tx-l32d28bp

Viera Cast remains one of the finest broadband entertainment portals around, but now in design terms only. Surely these platforms are for streaming content from the web – and that means films and on-demand TV – but the TX-L32D28BP can offer only short videos from YouTube, Daily Motion and Eurosport.

Viera cast

A total of 10 widgets are now available and expertly laid out, and though we doubt Bloomberg, Czech entertainment site or German news services and Tagesschau will have wide appeal, there's an English language service available on the German-owned QTom music streaming widget.


Unfortunately all we got was an 'Error: bad content' message when we tried to load QTom, which doesn't bode well.

The interface is sharp, quick and customizable, allowing users to remove widgets – probably a good idea. Another improvement on this model is that Viera Cast now joins-up with either of the built-in TV tuners; a small window in the middle of the Viera Cast home page plays the current TV channel.


Honestly, we'd be blown away by Viera Cast if it contained any genuinely engaging content.