Your Essential Phone will finally arrive next week


Casting months worth of delays behind it, it appears that the Essential Phone will be in the hands of buyers shortly.

Last week, Essential promised that it would discuss the official release date and, so long as you pre-ordered the standard Black Moon color, your device will be on its way in seven days.

If you had dibs on one of the other colors, those unfortunately seem to still be weeks away. However, Essential says in its confirmation email that it’s giving these buyers a chance to switch over to the Black Moon version. This is good if just getting the phone is more important than waiting for your desired color to become available.

We’ll be going in-depth with the phone when we see it ourselves at Essential’s 'first look' event on August 21 in New York City. The orders will already be on their way by that point, but we’ll be on the floor to provide our early impressions of the device, so stay tuned.

Via 9To5Google