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Windows Mobile phones suffer Y2K+10 bug

Windows Mobile phones can send texts back through time
Windows Mobile phones can send texts back through time

Planes didn't fall from the skies and nuclear power stations didn't melt down, but it seems some Microsoft products weren't expecting the new decade.

On the stroke of midnight last New Year's Eve, many Windows Mobile phones in the US suffered a Y2K+10 (aka Y2.01K) bug.

Its effects? Nothing too serious - just that all text messages received appeared to come from six years in the future.

Time-travelling texts

The first texts of the New Year were dated as being sent 1/1/16 - a much larger delay than the usual post-midnight NYE SMS backlog. Phones affected included Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 handsets, plus a few non-Windows phones, and most US carriers (with the apparent exception of T-Mobile).

If you're finding your own phone affected by a touch of the future texts, you can download a quick fix from the ever-helpful guys at WMExperts, here This promises to have your phone take its date-stamp using phone time, rather than the carrier's SMS gateway.

Having said that, if anyone does receive a genuine message from 2016 on their phone, do let us know how President Palin is coping with the Great Hexadecimal Depression.