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One more thing: today's other news

One more thing: today's other news
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Unless you have spent the last few days trying to float your social network for billions of dollars, you're probably looking for something to pique your interest right now.

That's why we've tracked down 10 utterly engrossing stories from the world of tech that may not have made it to full article status but are still worthy in their own little way.

Google Docs is off the hook - Google has given its increasingly popular Google Docs Android software offline functionality. Which means you no longer have an excuse not to do work on your Wi-Fi-less commute. [PC World]

Twitter is rubbish - MIT and other brainy US universities have released a study which reveals that a quarter of what people tweet on Twitter is utter crap. The other 75 per cent is just a little bit crap. [MacWorld]

Pinterest plays ref - Web corkboard Pinterest is making the slow but steady climb into the internet A-list, with news that it is referring just as much traffic as Twitter and Google. Given that it is still invite only, that's pretty good going. [CNET]

Galaxy quest - Star Wars Old Republic is close to having 2 million subscribers. This makes it more popular than the recent Star Wars: Episode 1 3D advert – which is possibly the worst thing we have ever seen. And we've seen 2 Girls 1 Cup. [Digital Trends]

Open sauce - Android users are more likely to get sex on a first date, according to a new survey. And if you have a BlackBerry, you are much more likely to have a beer than any hanky panky. This is according to so it must be true. []

Space junk in our trunk - A Nasa probe (codenamed IBEX) has been looking at all the space junk and material that litters the space outside earth and decided that some of the materials are not from our Solar System. Let the space paranoia begin... [GizMag]

Thanks for the ad - YouTube has decided to reveal the most shared ads on the video site for January and in at number one with a bullet is an advert for... dogs, sponsored by Volkswagon. Or an advert for Volkswagen with dogs in it. At number two is the Megaupload song. He he. [Mashable]

3d image

3D in the red - According to new research, Stalin was behind the first autostereoscopic 3D movie – supporting Semyon Ivanov and his lenticular screen tech. Does this mean that glasses-free TV is evil? [ArtForum]

Homer's odyssey - Videogame classic Simpsons Arcade is coming to both XBLA and PSN soon, so you can relive the excruciating moment when you and four friends played the game in arcades when you were younger and you were forced to be Marge with a vacuum cleaner as a weapon. Or maybe that just happened to us. [Joystiq]

Not just any app... - Samsung has announced that it has a new app for its connected TVs and it's (drum roll) for Marks & Spencers. The UK supermarket chain is now on television and through the app you can... well you can't do much as it doesn't allow online shopping. But it looks pretty. [Press Release]

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