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HD DVD in freefall, as Blu-ray sales surge

The future is Blu: HD DVD sales have collapsed in January with another strong showing for its Blu-ray rivals

Is there no end to HD DVD's misery? Latest figures from the US show a catastrophic decline in movie sales on the format, no doubt causing more gnashing, wailing and self-mutilation among members of the HD DVD Promotion Group.

New figures from TV watcher Nielsen show that Blu-ray chalked up 85 per cent of high def disc sales in the week beginning up to 13 January. That's the same week as CES 2008, and just days after Warner's announcement that it wouldn't be supporting HD DVD any more.

The top ten selling HD movies for the period were all Blu-ray titles. Sales of the best-selling HD DVD title ( The Kingdom) were also outnumbered 10 to 1 by the best-selling Blu-ray movie (3 to 10 to Yuma).

These numbers come on top of sales statistics throughout last year that show Blu-ray consistently outselling HD DVD 2 to 1 - at least in the USA.