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Hackers pull one over on Blu-ray again

When anyone talks to movie studio executives, the first reason they give for turning to Blu-ray is copy protection. But now that the latest attempt by the Blu-ray Disc Association to stop hackers has failed, is that claim valid anymore?

According to reports, the latest Blu-ray copy protection known as BD+ has been cracked by a group that has long been known for its ability to disable protected media. The group claims that its newly updated


software is capable of circumventing all attempts by Blu-ray discs to stop users from copying movies or ripping them onto a hard drive.

20th Century Fox is victim

The group warned that the updated software only has a major impact on 20th Century Fox titles because other movie studios have yet to adopt BD+ and have decided instead to encrypt movies with the older AACS protection. That said, AnyDVD is already capable of cracking all older versions of copy protection so now all Blu-ray disc encryption can be circumvented.

So far, the Blu-ray Disc Association has yet to comment on the BD+ crack, but look for the movie studios to rail against it in fear of more piracy worldwide.