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The Oculus Quest 2 reveal has leaked – and there's a lot to be excited about

(Image credit: Facebook)

The Oculus Quest 2 has been leaked – by Facebook itself, no less. Numerous outlets, including IGN, report that the headset's existence and some of its specs were published on the Facebook Blueprints site (the link was here, but now the post has been taken down). 

A video showing off the headset has been removed, but captured by the internet and reposted on YouTube

The next edition of the standalone VR headset is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, and the controllers have improved ergonomics. The Oculus Quest 2 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor. The new display has 50% more pixel density than the first Oculus Quest headset, with Facebook calling it the "highest-resolution headset they've ever made", and the Quest 2 features 6GB of RAM (vs 4GB for the original unit). 

In terms of storage, up to 256GB is available, according to the video. The headset will also feature 3D positional audio.

As with the original headset, you can use the Oculus Link cable to plug the Quest 2 into a desktop gaming PC and expand the number of games available to use. 

No price or release date appears to have leaked yet – so Facebook has plenty left to reveal. It's unclear when the reveal was planned to go live, but the annual Oculus Connect event, now named Facebook Connect, is due to take place this week on September 16

A huge step for VR

A follow-up to the Oculus Quest is an enormously enticing proposition. We praised the first VR headset in our review, praising its functionality as an all-in-one VR solution. "With a display that rivals the Rift, the Quest is hard to fault. It's lightweight, comes at a reasonable price point and fits into rooms of any size within minutes – zero equipment required."

Check out our recommendations for the best VR games, if you want a few reasons to justify the steep purchase of a new headset.

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