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Dick Smith slip up points to Aussie Chromecast launch

Google Chromecast
Looks like we'll see the Chromecast down under this month

Google's Chromecast made its long-awaited Australian debut today via a listing on the Dick Smith website.

The listing priced the Chromecast at $49 and promised the device would be available to ship from May 28 before it was quickly removed.

It may be a cruel prank designed to torment poor Chromecast fans Down Under, but we suspect it simply went live a little earlier than was planned and we'll soon see the device available from a range of retailers.

Better late than never

The Chromecast launched in the US in July of last year priced at US$35, and while $49 may be a little steep by comparison it's not out of step with pricing trends in Australia.

Waiting for the Chromecast to launch locally has taken a hefty dose of patience, but as Rishi Chandra, Chromecast Director of Product Management explained in March, the tech giant was "completely overwhelmed by its popularity in the US" and it takes time to line up the necessary partnerships to ensure the service's quality.

Check back as we keep you updated on the Google Chromecast's arrival in Australia.

Via: Lifehacker