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Windows 8 UK upgrade pricing confirmed as £24.99

Windows 8 UK upgrade pricing confirmed as £24.99
Not a bad deal

It looks as though UK consumers will be paying £24.99 to upgrade to Windows 8.

That's if you're not buying a new Windows 7 PC between now and the Windows 8 release date in October.

Anyone doing that will only have to pay £15 to upgrade to the newer software.


But if you're running anything from Windows XP to Windows 7 on an existing machine, the upgrade (delivered by download) will cost £24.99.

Over in the US, the cost of the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro was announced as $39.99.

As Microsoft took its sweet time confirming the UK price, many feared it would be a straight dollars-to-pounds conversion leaving UK users out of pocket - happily that's not the case.

From Daily Mail