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Windows XP SP3 dated

XP-edient timing

A leaked schedule has dated the long-awaited service pack three (SP3) for Windows XP as 29 April for consumers – with Microsoft’s partners and favoured others getting their hands on the update next week.

Although XP is currently being phased out in favour of Windows Vista – Microsoft’s latest operating system – it remains the most common OS on the market.


The service pack includes fixes for an estimated 1,000 problems, although the vast majority of these have already been patched with downloadable and auto-updated updates.

News of the date comes from NeoWin – which has obtained an internal schedule that has the release slated for a 21 April release to Tech Net and Microsoft Develop Network subscribers, with a full roll-out on 29 April.

Windows update

This is when Microsoft will list the project on the Windows Update for download by the public, although those with auto-updates on will not be prompted to download the pack until a later date.

We have contacted Microsoft for confirmation of the dates.