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Optus boosts Adelaide's 3G and 4G network

Optus 4G expands
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In addition to launching its TD-LTE network in Canberra in May, Optus is continuing to expand its 3G and FD-LTE 4G network across the country.

The telco today announced that it had switched on 25 new 4G sites in Adelaide and upgraded more than 150 mobile 3G network sites across the city.

"We made the promise earlier this year that we will be delivering some major initiatives that improve the coverage, speed and capacity of our 4G network, and enhance the strength and consistency of our 3G network," said David Epstein, Optus' vice president of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs.

Optus upgraded

Optus launched its 4G network in Adelaide last year, and currently has 4G coverage in the CBD, a number of surrounding suburbs, AAMI Stadium and Adelaide International Airport.

"We're excited by the feedback from our Adelaide customers, who are already noticing the improvements of the enhanced Optus network," Epstein said.

Over the next 24 months, the telco promises to add another 100 mobile sites in and around Adelaide for additional 4G and 3G coverage. It will also continue to upgrade 100 of its current 3G and 4G mobile sites.