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Nokia reckons 'things are about to change' in video teaser

Nokia reckons 'things are about to change' in video teaser
Both hands on the handlebars please, lady

Nokia has released a teaser video promising that nothing will be the same after its September 5 announcement.

"Things are about to change," says the Finnish phone maker as a lady rides a bike dangerously around a shipyard for some reason.

Like an advert for an online dating site, she leans coquettishly into the camera (presumably it's a camera attached to a phone) as folksy acoustic guitar plinky-plinks away in the background, oblivious to the serious risk of scraping her bare knees on the tarmac.

No helmet either

Spoiler alert: she doesn't fall off - she is having far too wonderful a time at the, um, shipyard.

Basically we can't tell anything about Nokia's new Windows Phone 8 handsets that it's going to unveil in September, other than that probably the camera will be a pretty major part of it.

We remain unconvinced that anything will really change in the grand scheme of life, but it's nice to see that Nokia is still dreaming big. At the shipyard.

Via Engadget