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Huawei to launch Android on T-Mobile

Huawei's Android demonstration
Huawei's Android demonstration

Reports from Asia are stating Huawei's new Android phone will launch on T-Mobile later this year.

After showing off a model at Mobile World Congress (albeit one that wasn't turned on, and couldn't be demonstrated to the press) those that believed it was just a 'teaser' look set to be proved wrong.

Digitimes is reporting that Huawei has signed a deal with the network operator to stock the handset when it launches in Q3 2009, and the company would be able to "ship several hundred million handsets a year".

Across the pond?

However, there was no reference to whether this would be T-Mobile USA or the European variant of the carrier.

It's also feasible that Huawei will be branding its handset for T-Mobile in a similar way to HTC and the G1 or making a new range altogether, specified by the manufacturer.

Sources close to the news agency have also predicted that Huawei's moves into smartphone manufacture will lead to the company taking seventh place in worldwide phone market share, which would be impressive given the limited time it's been operating in the space.

Via Digitimes