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Huawei CEO claims smartphone 'Quick Charging' is bad for batteries

Huawei brands smartphone quick charge bad for batteries
No Quick Charge function in here

Smartphone battery life - the bane of life for those who can't go much longer than a day on a single charge before running for a plug socket.

One solution is Quick Charge from Qualcomm, allowing you to give your smartphone a quick boost without having to wait hours - but it may not be as good as it sounds.

Huawei CEO Richard Yu told TechRadar at the launch of the Ascend P7 in Paris that he had big concerns with the technology.

Yu says that quick charge negatively "influences the life cycle of the battery," meaning your battery may deteriorate quicker over the lifetime of your phone.

Extending life, not decreasing charge

That can be especially troublesome if the battery is locked away under the chassis as you won't be able to just go out a buy a new one.

Huawei is instead focussing on extending the life of the smartphone power pack and is continuing its research and development into new battery technologies, chipset design and interface efficiency, according to Yu.

Unsurprisingly, Yu added, "we're in no hurry to implement quick charging on our devices."