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Ballmer: Windows Mobile 'screwed up' so far

Windows Mobile 7 - should it have been handled better?
Windows Mobile 7 - should it have been handled better?

Steve Ballmer is allegedly angry about the progress made up to the forthcoming Windows Mobile 7 OS.

At a recent Venture Capital Summit, where journalists are banned, participant Paul Jozefak Tweeted to say the head honcho wasn't happy:

"Ballmer says they screwed up with Windows Mobile. Wishes they had already launched Windows Mobile 7. They completely revamped the team."

He was also apparently unhappy about the way the whole thing was handled, with the whole episode not brought to fruition by the team working on the project at the start.

Pumping in talent

According to Twitter user Beninato, presumably also at the event, Ballmer said:

"Ballmer re: poor execution in Windows Mobile: "we've pumped in some new talent and said 'This will not happen again'"

Although not a lot is known about this new platform, it's anticipated that it will mark a renaissance for Microsoft in the mobile space, bringing better touchscreen support and more consumer oriented features.

Given Windows Mobile 6.5 hasn't even emerged yet (with the launch next week) it would make sense that a little more time would be given before Windows Mobile 7 appears in 2010 to allow the interim platform to gain a bit of traction and handset support.

Via Mobile Tech World