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Optoma UHD300X projector offers 4K and HDR on a (relatively) small budget

Now, let's be clear – £1,399.99 (around $1,950, or AU$2,475 when directly converted) isn't chump change by anyone's measurements. But when it comes to picking up a 4K HDR projector, that's a relatively measly sum – and all that Optoma is asking for its new UHD300X projector, now hitting the shelves.

Offering 4K UHD resolution with the brightness peaks of the latest HDR (high dynamic range) features, it's a well spec'd device for the price tag. 

Both HDMI inputs are compatible with the HDCP 2.2 standard, letting you playback HDR and rights-protected content from either source, with a powered USB port letting you easily plug in a HDMI dongle like an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Easy set-up

Optoma promise that getting a large screen blown up onto your wall accurately will be "fuss-free" thanks to a vertical lens shift, with the image itself offering Rec.709 color accuracy. 

Despite the price tag, the specs sound pretty solid too, with a 250,000:1 contrast ratio and 2200 ANSI lumens brightness. A 10,000 hour lamp life should see you through a fair few movie marathons too.

Finally, you'll get 10W stereo speakers – though they might not be a match for the large-screen fare you'll be projecting, so do consider pairing the projector with a beefier sound system.

Gerald Lynch

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