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Oppo Find X2 release date could be right around the corner

Oppo Find X
Oppo Find X (Image credit: Future)

The Oppo Find X2 smartphones were set to launch at MWC 2020, but when that event was cancelled, we weren't sure we'd see the new phones any time soon. A new leak, however, suggests we could see the new Oppo phones on March 6.

This news comes from PlayfulDroid, which published what seems like a leaked invite for an upcoming Oppo launch.

This invite looks pretty similar to Oppo's MWC 2020 invite, which mentioned the Find X2, as it has the same font, layout, and background pattern. This could suggest that it's a genuine invite, but it could also be an easy imitation using the same aesthetic style.

If the invite is reflecting correct information, the Oppo Find X2 launch is only two weeks off (at the time of writing), so it could be one of the first displaced MWC phones to launch.

We've heard there could be two Oppo Find X2 devices, including a Pro model, and perhaps even the Oppo smartwatch could show its face at the launch event.

As we said, this invite could be a fake, as sometimes information about unreleased phones is fabricated to try and draw traffic to a website. However, PlayfulDroid has a decent track record, so we hope the information is right.

We'll find out for sure come March 6, as it's then that Oppo may (or may not) show off its new smartphones and smartwatch. If the event does go ahead, we'll be on the ground reporting on it, so stay tuned for that.

Tom Bedford

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