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Serious gaming on Ultrabooks. Seriously

IDF 2012

Lucid's Dynamix software can double gaming frame rates on integrated graphics, giving laptops without discrete GPUs serious gaming chops. Lucid Logix is a tiny company with big ambitions and now its got the software to match that ambition.

We went to see Lucid while we were here in San Francisco, and usually when we say that we mean we saw a representative. Not this time, we actually saw pretty much the entire of company. We think 80 percent of the five-man team was in the room with us as Offir Remez, President and MD of Lucid, took us through the demos of its latest goodies.

We saw its Virtu MVP Mobile software running on a laptop and a concept external GPU setup via a hot-swappable Thunderbolt connection. But it was the new software it had running on an Ivy Bridge Ultrabook that really impressed.

The little laptop, with its relatively feeble HD 4000 graphics, had Cry