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Ice Cream to bring Google TV to Android

Will Google TV feature Ice Cream?
Will Google TV feature Ice Cream?

The next iteration of Android, Ice Cream, will bring Google TV and smartphones and tablets onto one Android platform, if sources are to be believed.

Android fragmentation may no longer be a problem if the rumours are true, bringing in elements of the phone-based Gingerbread and tablet-tastic Honeycomb to Ice Cream as well.

Syncing your Android phone, tablet and TV or streaming between the three devices could be made as easy as pie, as well as making Android updates quicker and easier to roll out.

One scoop of Honeycomb, one scoop of Gingerbread

Gingerbread and Honeycomb flavoured Ice Cream may sound a bit sickly, but it could mean big things for Google TV.

Although we're yet to see the service launch on this side of the pond, the addition of Android's host of apps to the TV platform will be a huge boost, and something that no other television service can yet offer.

What's more, we could see the fruits of all this launching as soon as May, with sources telling Phandroid that it's set for a Google I/O 2011 reveal.

What's not clear from any of this is what numerical version of Android Ice Cream will be. But with the addition of Google TV, we could already be looking at Android 4.0.

From via Phandroid

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