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YouTube comment trolls to be tamed as Google plans revamp

YouTube comment trolls to be tamed as Google plans revamp
Do you dare venture below the fold?

YouTube comments are set for an overhaul according to Google, as it seeks to wrest back control of the internet's moral wasteland.

The revelation came during a YouTube session at Google I/O 2012 where reps acknowledged that the moronic, abusive and grammatically questionable comment trolling that is rife on the video sharing site is a pretty major issue.

When asked for advice on handling "negative" comments, YouTube head of product Dror Shimshowitz admitted that "comments are kind of the Wild West of video".


Although you can turn comments off if you want to, Google doesn't really like that idea because YouTube is all about community and social and all that jazz.

He added, "We're working on some improvements to the comment system, so hopefully we'll have an update on that in the next few months."

Sadly, Shimshowitz clammed up when questioned further about the upcoming changes and Google reverted back to the standard "We're working to improve comments as much as we're working to improve all parts of the site" catch-all statement, so that's as much as we know at the moment.

Removing commenters' cloak of anonymity could be one route to shaming them into keeping their disproportionately angry traps shut – in which case, how much do you want to bet that Google+ gets involved somewhere along the line?

Whatever the plan, anyone who's ever posted a video on YouTube will no doubt agree that it's about time Google moved from its 'haters gonna hate' stance on the bullies and bigots that troll 'round YouTube way.

But, in the meantime, thank you hater.

Via Wired

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