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Samsung may be plotting an Internet of Things takeover, too

Now Samsung may be preparing to buy its very own 'Internet of Things' startup
SmartThings offers a complete connected home

Samsung is reportedly in the market to acquire SmartThings, a home automation start-up who's gear enables folks to control lighting, electronic appliances and locks with their mobile phones.

According to TechCrunch, Samsung has tabled an offer in the region of $200 (around £116, AUS$213) in an attempt to rival the likes of Google and Apple in the connected home space.

Google recently splurged billions on Nest (which in turn splashed hundreds of millions on Dropcam), while Apple has big plans for its HomeKit app within iOS 8.

Two-year-old SmartThings sells kits centred around a central Wi-Fi enabled hub that can be coupled with a host of motion, temperature and location sensors, smart locks, light fittings, alarms power outlets and more. Everything can be controlled via an app for iOS and Android.

A SmartThings acquisition would certainly augment the Samsung Smart Home plans the company announced at CES back in January, but no deal has yet been announced.

Thread alliance

Samsung's reported move comes just 24 hours after the firm entered into an Internet of Things standards alliance with Google's Nest and other companies like ARM, Big Ass Fans and Yale Security.

The non-profit Thread Group aims to achieve a state where the generation of connected devices will have the ability to easily and securely talk to each other.

Thread also hopes to pioneer low-powered home automation tech which could save users from having to switch out batteries in their connected home devices in years to come.