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Microsoft wants you to be part of Kate Middleton's eyebrow

MSN's wedding coverage - it's the first time we've heard about this wedding tbh
MSN's wedding coverage - it's the first time we've heard about this wedding tbh

Microsoft and MSN will be asking people to send in their wedding photos to make up an image of Prince William and Kate Middleton to show off the HTML5 capacity of IE9.

With the emphasis on the beauty of the web, Microsoft is keen to showcase the power of HTML5 and push the latest incarnation of Internet Explorer.

To that end, it is using its MSN's coverage of the royal wedding this year to push HTML5, and that will include a photosynth, a picture made up of thousands of other photos, with Microsoft asking users to provide the content to create a Kate and Wills piccy.

Poster child

Not only that, but the result will be turned into a poster which will be sent to the happy couple and to anyone else who wants to pay for one, with all proceeds going to charity.

"Over the next few months MSN will be using HTML5 content to re-imagine the way in which we present information," UK Internet Explorer lead Julia Owen told TechRadar.

"MSN's coverage of the royal wedding will be in HTML5 and part of that is a photosynth where you can be part of Kate's eyebrow and [we will] invite people to upload their photos.

"We will start promoting it a couple of weeks before the wedding. You get to be part of the photos, then when we've filled the photosynth we'll put together a poster.

"We'll print it out and send it to Willian and Kate where they can see all the individual photos as well as the main one.

"You can go out and get a poster as well, and all the money we get from that will be given to charity."

So, if you have a wedding photo that you want to be part of Kate's nose or William's head then keep an eye out on MSN's wedding coverage.