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AMD's 6900 'Cayman' GPU finally arrives

AMD Radeon HD 6970
AMD Radeon HD 6970

AMD's latest 'Cayman' flagship GPU has arrived – powering the new Radeon 6970 and 6950 graphics cards.

The Cayman graphics chip is the company's most powerful offering to fate, and is the successor to AMD's successful 5800 series.

The new chip has a fresh core architecture which should offer a more efficient performance.


The new chip will bring the inevitable slew of new cards from the usual suspects, and will, in the course of time will feature as a pair in the Radeon HD 6990 when it arrives in 2011.

The cards are designed very much with DirectX 11 gaming in mind, and offers some significant improvements on its predecessor.

TechRadar has already taken a lengthy look at both at both chips and you can check out the verdicts in our AMD Radeon 6970 review and AMD Radeon 6950 review.