FIFA 19 will feature three new, never-seen-before game modes


With FIFA 19 just one month away from release, EA is taking the wraps off the last of the game’s new features with three never-seen-before game modes. 

The modes will be fall under the revamped Kick Off menu and include Elimination, No Rules and First To… match settings. 

These games add variations to the regular rules of the game, well, except No Rules which, as the same suggests, takes all of the rules away. 

In addition to the new modes, FIFA 19 will offer Best Of and Home vs Away multi-matches that will keep track of scores over multiple games, allowing you to once and for all determine who among your friends is the best at footie.

Rules? Where we're going we don't need rules

The most interesting of the three is certainly the Elimination Mode that actually takes a player away from your squad every time you score a goal. While this sounds like it could devolve into a 1-on-1 match wherein you have to run the length of the pitch to score, the game stops removing players after you’ve reached seven on a squad. 

No Rules, the most self-explanatory new mode, allows you to tackle, trip and run offsides to your heart’s content, while First To… sets a goal limit to add pressure while cutting down on the time it takes to play a match. 

Best Of takes the idea of the First To mode but applies the concept to matches. Players will either play a best-of-three or a best-of-five series, while Home vs Away puts you in two back-to-back matches where the winner is determined by the number of goals after two games.

All of these modes will be available when FIFA 19 launches on September 28 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

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