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AMD just gave your next desktop a graphics boost

AMD Kaveri
AMD Kaveri

AMD has unveiled its best APU to date, the A10-7870K, part of the "Kaveri" portfolio, one which it says will deliver a best in class experience for eSports and online gaming.

The new part has four CPU cores and eight GPU ones (based on the Sea Islands Graphics Core Next architecture) and is built using a 28nm architecture, which explains the rather high 95W TDP.

Other titbits include a 3.9GHz frequency, 4MB of L2 cache, a GPU frequency of 866MHz, DirectX 12 support, and it's also worth noting that the CPU is unlocked.

AMD claims that it is up to 5% faster than a competitive processor, the latter being identified as the Intel Core i3-4370, and the benchmark in question being PCMark 8 Home.

The Austin-based company also said that the 7870K will be able to beat a Core i3 paired with an Nvidia GT740 GPU on most games, a claim which has yet to be substantiated independently.

The next architectural move for AMD is Carrizo, the desktop version of which – Carrizo-L – is already shipping, using the same 28nm process albeit with some significant changes under the hood.

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