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Genius DX-Eco battery-less mouse charges in three minutes

Genius DX-Eco mouse
Recharges in your tea break

The Genius DX-Eco is a wireless mouse that doesn't use batteries and can recharge in just three minutes.

Removing the need for planet-killing disposable batteries or time-wasting rechargeables, the Genius DX-Eco uses a built-in gold capacitor instead.

Genius claims that this gold capacitor will hold enough charge for "a full day's use" and just takes three minutes for a complete recharge. So even if a heavy cursor-waggling session drains your electric rodent early, it'll be ready to go again before the kettle has boiled.

Future proof

That gold capacitor is supposedly also good for 100,000 charges. If you're charging it every day that means you'll get a very reasonable 273 years of use out of it.

It's Mac and PC compatible, connecting via a 2.4GHz USB pico receiver which can be slotted inside the mouse when not in use.

According to Genius, BlueEye sensor technology means it will keep on pointing when used on most surfaces including marble and thick carpet. Great news if you don't have a table.

It recharges via Micro USB cable, though, so you'll need to keep track of that wire.

The Genius DX-Eco is out in the US now for $39.99.