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Buy a Tesla, get Spotify for free

Tesla Spotify partnership

Nothing improves a road trip more than some quality driving music, and now Tesla Model S owners in Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong will have more tunes than they can shake en electric charging cable at.

Thanks to a partnership with Spotify, Tesla's latest over-the-air software update provides Model S owners with a Premium Spotify account, delivering free access to the music service's entire catalogue of over 30 million songs.

No Spotify subscription or smart device is necessary, as the service is now built into each car's media player.

Tesla drivers receive the full range of Spotify services, including full on-demand access, playlists, artist-based radio, and the ability to save tracks and albums.

It's just another perk for one of the world's coolest cars, although those that can afford a Model S probably wouldn't even notice the impact of a Spotify Premium account on their bank balance.