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Hey hipsters, Spotify shows you which artists you discovered before they were big


Spotify has just rolled out a new feature called 'Find Them First' which lets you see how much of a role you played in discovering new artists.

If you head over to the Found Them First microsite right now you'll be told (after linking your Spotify account) which artists you discovered before they hit the big time.

The feature will show you any artists for which you were in the first 15% of listeners, and even lets you share a playlist of the tracks you were early to.

Before you start phoning up CHVRCHES and asking for a cut of the pie, "Breakout Artists" are defined as having 20 million streams accumulatively and a growth rate of 2000% between January 2013 and June 2015.

So while you might have earned bragging rights for discovering a band before the rest of us, you probably weren't entirely instrumental in helping them "make it".

Still, cool idea.