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APC full-version software downloads

APC December 2020 free apps
(Image credit: Future)

Full-version software for APC magazine readers (for a limited time only)

December 2020 - Issue 487

Please note that these exclusive downloads will only be available for a limited time, from 02/11/20 to the 20/12/20.


(Image credit: ASCOMP)

The PDF format is used worldwide to distribute graphically processed documents. However, editing the documents is usually associated with high costs because good PDF editors are quite expensive. 

Secure-PDF puts an end to this: Encrypt your own or other people's PDF documents with up to 256-bit key strength (AES). Add a password to open it so that users can only view the encrypted document by entering the correct password.

Download Secure-PDF here.

(Image credit: Abelssoft)

Not only practical, but also time-saving: SyncManager synchronises data in the background between any folder, different hard drives or other established devices. You can, for example, automatically copy your latest camera images to the desired archive, or perform an automatic weekly backup of your sensitive data to a connected external hard drive. 

Download SyncManager here.

Ashampoo Registry Cleaner 2 

(Image credit: Ashampoo)

Ashampoo Registry Cleaner has become a classic among the small but powerful Windows tools. Now, version 2 is finally here! So why do you need a Registry Cleaner? Can you remember how fast and responsive your PC was the day you took it out of the box? Whip your Windows Registry back into shape with Registry Cleaner 2 and regain some of that power! 

Download Ashampoo Registry Cleaner here.

(Image credit: Steganos)

Steganos Safe is a digital vault that protects your business reports, family photos, diaries or any other sensitive files that need protection. The program creates secure disks of up to 2 TB that act as ordinary system folders when opened and become invisible once closed. File access is only possible with the right password! 

Download Steganos Safe 21 here.

November 2020 - Issue 486

APC November 2020 free apps

(Image credit: Future)

Please note that these exclusive downloads will only be available for a limited time, from 05/10/20 to the 22/11/20.

 ASCOMP Cleaning Suite 

(Image credit: ASCOMP )

If your system boots up more and more slowly and the hard drive gets fuller, then it is high time for a thorough system cleaning! But which data can be deleted without risk, and which are still needed for the smooth system and program flow? Cleaning Suite gives the answer! A total of six helpers analyse your system and enable deep cleaning operations. For example, you can delete temporary files, clean browser histories, caches, and cookies from all popular Internet browsers, and prevent installed applications and tools from starting automatically at system startup. The Windows Registry can also be optimised by Cleaning Suite in a targeted manner.

Download ASCOMP Cleaning Suite 

 Abelssoft Tagman 

(Image credit: Abelssoft)

Abelssoft’s Tagman puts all the music files on your PC into order. The program pays attention to the ID3 tags of each music file. These metafiles are used by media players to show you the name of the song, who recorded it, from which album the song came, and in which year it was recorded or launched. Many files lack ID3 tags or have incomplete information, so Tagman uses specific servers to find this metadata on the internet. Even better: the software can also automatically detect and download the album cover. 

Download Abelssoft Tagman