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How to stream a CreativeLive course each day for free

You learn something new everyday, right?

(Image: © Darren Murph)

CreativeLive has just given you one less excuse to not learn that thing you've been meaning to learn more about. The online education startup has launched a new app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV which offers a major boon for downloaders: free stuff.  To get going, just download the app right here.

Whereas most CreativeLive courses will run you $20 (around £17 or AUD$27) and up, it has historically allowed customers to watch live teachings gratis. With the introduction of its app, it's also enabling eager beavers to watch one archived lesson per day free of charge.

CreativeLive's new online education apps

CreativeLive's new online education apps (Image credit: CreativeLive)

You'll have access to over 5,000 lessons across 1,500 classes in photography, video, design, music, craft, and business, which makes the hardest part deciding which to stream first.