Nokia 700 review

The thin Nokia 700 is certainly a tiny smartphone, but is it packing much hardware in that skinny frame?

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Nokia 700

The battery size for the Nokia 700 is 1080mAh, well below the Apple iPhone 4's 1420mAh or the 1650mAh of the Samsung Galaxy S2. It has a fairly powerful processor, plus the juice-draining media streaming apps, plus Wi-Fi... so how did the battery fair against bigger, beastlier smartphones?

Nokia 700

Well, with a fairly constant Wi-Fi connection or 3G use, some light gaming, a couple of 20 minute calls, texting and app use that involves an internet connection (such as maps), we squeezed about eight hours of good use out of the Nokia 700.

For someone who's surfing the web less and attacking the apps during commuting time, that's likely to even out at about a charge a day, which is fair enough usage and matches up to the HTC Desire S.

As we've previously mentioned, the Nokia 700 is well connected with Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) and 3G (up to 14.4Mbps), A-GPS and NFC technology on board. There's a micro USB port and, if you're particularly keen, you can Google to download software to turn the Nokia 700 into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Nokia 700

Connecting to a PC is easy - there's the utilitarian drag-and-drop route or the fuller-featured Nokia Ovi Suite.

Nokia 700

Attaching the Nokia 700 via micro USB will bring up the option to transfer media in the drop-down notifications menu either by drag-and-drop or by Ovi Suite. Opening the Ovi Suite on your computer then makes it easy to browse files to transfer onto your phone.

In all honesty, we prefer the easy drag-and-drop route where searching for apps, games and so on is easily done on the handset itself, and we don't feel searching through them on the web adds much to the ease of the experience.