Nokia 700 review

The thin Nokia 700 is certainly a tiny smartphone, but is it packing much hardware in that skinny frame?

Nokia 700
Symbian Belle is simple and Android runs well on the slim smartphone

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The Nokia 700 puts in a decent showing with its media offering, and an internal 2GB to start you off. The 700 isn't touted on its media capabilities, but it certainly doesn't let the side down either.

Nokia 700

The music player is simple to use, accessible from a handy widget from which you can skip and pause tracks, and multitasking enables it to hum away in the background without adding any lag to the use of the phone.

Creating and putting together a playlist is easy.

The handset opens up a quick-pick list of songs for you to quickly scroll through and select the ones you want to add to your playlist.

Nokia 700

Holding the playlist landscape brings up the familiar iFlow-esque artwork scroller that adorns most handset offerings these days. Still, it flicks through quickly and looks pretty on the Gorilla Glass display, so we're not complaining.

The Nokia 700 supports the usual files - MP3, WAV, еAAC+ and WMA - and there's also a shortcut to the Ovi music store from the music player, which is handy.

The supplied earphones set isn't winning any points for comfort (hello plastic moulded ear buds with cheap foam covers) and the sound quality isn't horrible, but it's not exactly well-balanced either.

The vocals sound somewhat echoy almost, but there are a few presets on the equaliser to play with that actually do make a bit of difference.

Unfortunately dreams of a more comfortable experience with our own headset were cruelly dashed when it turned out to be unsupported by the handset, but if all else fails you could always employ the killer external speaker. All the better for annoying your fellow public transport sufferers with.

Nokia 700

Watching videos on the Nokia 700 is pretty sweet, with the 229ppi and sharp ClearBlack display. Sure it's small, but it's definitely beautiful.

The colours aren't over-saturated, and the sound is clear. Sure, with the headset you might not want to watch much on it for long, but if you happen to chance upon a compatible pair, you'll be set, especially given the lightness of the phone and the comfortable sit in the palm of your hand.

Nokia 700

It supports a pretty wide array of codecs too - WMV9, MP4, VP6, VC-1, Flash and 3GPP - and we had no trouble uploading a few episodes of Community. To fully make use of the media functions though, 2GB of internal memory isn't going to cut it, and you'll have to fork out for a microSD card.

There's the ubiquitous FM radio; activated the usual way through the headset.

It's a simple FM radio that auto-tunes the stations, and has one nice extra touch: you can use the beast of a speaker instead of only listening to it through the headphones.

One pro-tip though, if you don't want your listening/viewing/radio experiences to be interrupted, turn off email notifications, otherwise you'll be hearing a little tinkly bell more often than you'd like.