Nokia 700 review

The thin Nokia 700 is certainly a tiny smartphone, but is it packing much hardware in that skinny frame?

Nokia 700
Symbian Belle is simple and Android runs well on the slim smartphone

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The Nokia 700 comes with a plethora of messaging options for you to choose from: SMS, MMS, a Twitter and Facebook 'social' app, email and IM apps such as Orkut and eBuddy.

There's no universal inbox to combine all these things, but the versatility of the home screens means it's easy to group them all within the vicinity of each other to make it easy to flip from one application to the next. SMS messaging is a typical black-and-white list view.

When you dip into a name, this displays entire conversations with your contact.

Depending on your point of view, this layout is either classic or a little boring, but we found it perfectly functional and adequate.

Much like the contacts, we would have liked to have seen a little social networking integration to make this feature truly shine, but we guess you can't have everything you want in this particular Nokia phone.

The only negative we found when messaging was the small QWERTY keyboard when using the phone in portrait mode.

On one hand, it's fantastic that the Nokia 700 has this instead of an alphanumerical offering, but on the other, the screen is so long and thin that using it one-handed often leads to plenty of mistakes and a slightly frustrating typing speed.

Nokia 700

However, using the phone in landscape is great, and the haptic-enabled touchscreen is perfectly responsive enough for us to get up a quick speed with no problem.

Nokia 700

We like the email inbox widget that sits on our home screen.

Nokia 700

It updates automatically, and is a shortcut to a fully functional email app that is easy to navigate and organise.

Nokia 700

It's also dead easy to set up: input your account details and away you go.

Nokia 700

You can set up several email accounts that you can skip between with no problem. And if you like, the app will even automatically set up a widget for each of your accounts on your home screens.

In terms of IM, there's Orkut for Gmail users, which is pre-loaded onto the handset. Once you're logged in with your Gmail account, it should be plain sailing. However, every time we tried, we were faced with this:

No donuts for us.