Nokia 700 review

The thin Nokia 700 is certainly a tiny smartphone, but is it packing much hardware in that skinny frame?

Nokia 700
Symbian Belle is simple and Android runs well on the slim smartphone

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With all the components that should make internet browsing pretty dreamy (3G, Wi-Fi connectivity, a crisp-coloured, responsive touchscreen, a decently powerful processor and Flash ability) we had high hopes for the internet browsing portion of our Nokia 700 review.

And were they met? Was the bar cleared?

Indeed it was, though we must admit, there were a couple of wobbles. First, the great stuff: using the Nokia 700's browser was smooth and responsive. Scrolling was quick and a few taps zoomed us in and out, plus there's the nice touch of text reflow.

However, zooming in on images left them pixilated and the phone struggling to render them properly. Text remained sharp though, and easy to read.

When connected to Wi-Fi, page loading was hit and miss - sometimes incredibly nippy, sometimes taking a confusingly long time to get going. And the experience wasn't any better on the 3G connection either.

There is the ability to open multiple pages at once, which is great, and opening a new page pulls up an attractive history holding page that pops against the dark background.

However, overall it's a much faster experience once you've downloaded the Opera mobile browser. The download speeds are quicker, the pictures render more quickly and are even less pixilated when zoomed in.

All in all, perhaps the biggest disappointment is the thinness of the screen, which gets in the way of a really premium browsing session. Had it been just a little wider, it would have had a much better feel to the experience. Still, for the "smallest smartphone", the browsing experience on the Nokia 700 is a solid 3.5 (possibly even 4) out of 5.