Nokia 700 review

The thin Nokia 700 is certainly a tiny smartphone, but is it packing much hardware in that skinny frame?

Nokia 700
Symbian Belle is simple and Android runs well on the slim smartphone

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Nokia 700

So. It turns out, the Nokia 700 is indeed small and it is indeed slim. Not only that, but it's well built, solid in the hand and finally, finally has an iteration of Symbian that can keep up with the decent hardware specs.

We liked Symbian Belle a lot. Sure, there wasn't the added slickness of HTC Sense Overlay, but it never lagged and is pretty intuitive to navigate.

We liked

We liked the gorgeous Gorilla Glass ClearBlack screen - colours popped off this thing, bright and with excellent contrast. It made watching videos a joy, despite its 3.2-inch size, since the clarity was really excellent.

The fact that Symbian has finally stepped up to make an operating system that didn't make us want to throw the phone out of the window makes us happy, and we liked that the phone is Wi-Fi and 3G enabled.

The design is incredibly sleek, and we thought the discreetness of the phone was a definite plus in the age of 'bigger is always better'.

We disliked

We didn't like the lack of really great apps to stretch the legs of the Nokia 700. We felt it sat a little unchallenged by Fruit Ninja and Foursquare. Had the Ovi store ever really taken off as a developer hot spot, there might have been more to do with this nice handset.

The screen was also a tad too thin; tall but thin. It didn't make for the best browsing experience when images were involved, since they didn't really fit into the confines.

You're also unable to use your own headset while watching videos, which is disappointing given the uncomfortable rubbish pair that are supplied with the Nokia 700. 

Final verdict

All in all, it's a lovely phone for someone who wants to dip in and out of smart phone capabilities without losing either the phone element or most of their pocket space.

It's a discreet smartphone, one for a businessperson perhaps, who doesn't want to pull out an obnoxiously large piece of kit every time they want to make a call.

It may even appeal to those who are newer to smartphones and aren't looking for the latest dual-core processor but want something decently powerful for their videos and browsing nonetheless. 

3.5 stars