Motorola Defy review

Social networking shares centre stage with a rugged build and clever music features

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The 1500mAh battery the Motorola Defy is equipped with enough power to keep it going for a fair old time. We managed a day between charges easily, and when we left the phone on standby for a couple of days just picking up the odd SMS, the battery barely seemed to deplete at all.

motorola defy

That matters a lot for a handset as connected and media rich as this one. Make full use of its always-on social media updates, media playback and the GPS, and you might still get through a day between charges.

If you want to keep an eye on data usage, there's a Data Manager in the Settings area, where you can get a tally of data used and also optimise how and when a data connection is used.

Motorola defy

Motorola defy

The obligatory GPS and Google Maps are present with navigation and we didn't have a problem getting or maintaining a fix.

Motorola has added a fair few additional applications too. We've already noted a link to the Amazon MP3 store, and there's also a little app called Cardock, which provides a nifty six-icon screen for use when driving – with one of the six icons customisable.

Motorola defy

Motorola defy

There is also a file manager and, for those who want to do a bit of work on the move, a copy of QuickOffice for working with Microsoft Office documents.