Motorola Defy review

Social networking shares centre stage with a rugged build and clever music features

motorola defy
The definitive Motorola Defy review

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Motorola Defy review: Messaging

As well as the social networking messaging features, you can create and send SMS and email messages, of course. Setting up email is often a simple matter of adding address and password. In many cases the Defy can do the rest, though you may have to add incoming and outgoing servers manually.

Choose Messaging from the apps menu and your Facebook, Twitter and any other social networking services are accessible as well email and SMS. A universal inbox brings messages to one location.

Motorola defy

What's nice about this is that, if you've linked contacts together, you can send replies using a service other than the one a message came from. This might be handy if you want to reach someone quickly by SMS regardless of how the original message was sent.

Where SMS is concerned, there's a good threaded view of messages we really like.

Motorola defy

We've already noted that the capacitive screen is very responsive to the touch. When it comes to entering text for any kind of messaging you've got the usual QWERTY keyboards in portrait and widescreen modes.

The Motorola Defy offer Swype as an alternative to tapping individually at keys. This can be really fast to use, but it's easy to switch back to good old tappity-tap if you prefer.

Motorola defy