Samsung has grabbed the rest of the netbook-producing market and turned it upside-down with the NC110, setting the bar high in a market that already seemed to be saturated to the maximum.

It's often hard to be hopeful about something that far down the price bracket, because it almost seems destined to fail. But we've genuinely been surprised by the Samsung NC110's abilities.

We liked

The Samsung NC110 costs very little to buy, but even so it seems as if Samsung has seen fit to put it together with the exact same thoughtfulness and attention to detail that it uses on much more expensive laptops. It even looks pretty fantastic too.

Then there's that battery life, which is really astounding – it's a lot better than many other netbooks out there, and they cost much more.

We disliked

There's not all that much that the Samsung NC110 didn't do right, really. OK, so the specification is as basic as it gets, but you wouldn't expect much more for the money.

The only real gripe about the Samsung NC110 is the amount of software that it came pre-installed with. Some was fairly useful, some was just plain annoying and unnecessary.


The Apple iPad 2s and Motorola Xooms of this world will still reign supreme in the desirability stakes, but for the more level-headed types out there who want something really purposeful, the Samsung NC110's price tag will certainly turn a few more heads than any other netbook before it.