Samsung NC110 review

A netbook with a bargain price, huge battery life and superb build

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Samsung nc110

Samsung boasts up to 10.7 hours of life from the standard six cell battery found in the NC110, and although it wasn't far off achieving that, all that could be squeezed out of it during mixed use (with the Wi-Fi on at all times) was about seven hours from a full charge.

Still, it's enough to keep you going all day without having to spoil your light luggage with a hefty charger, and let's be fair – it's one of the best we've seen in the netbook category from what is the cheapest example of its kind.

The Samsung NC110 sticks with a fairly conventional specification for notebooks – not a surprise really, given its price tag and the fact that the lowly Windows 7 Starter Edition doesn't need much to power it. It packs an Intel Atom processor, 1GB of memory and Intel GMA integrated graphics.

So the Samsung NC110's not particularly powerful in any way – it can just about cope with basic internet surfing, word processing and listening to music, but that's about it. Don't expect to be able to play even the most basic-looking games out there or even think about extensive multitasking.

The 250GB hard drive is decent, and will certainly suffice for most of the files you'll want to carry around with you during a day, but it isn't anything to shout about in this category.

The built-in speakers on the Samsung NC110 aren't anything to write home about either, but they're certainly not the worst of their kind and at least they can be turned up to a reasonable volume level, even if it does become a little shrill at that point.