TechRadar's ultimate Christmas day: our best gifts revealed

The Xmas tech gifts that we forever cherished

To be honest, the watch probably broke every health and safety regulation going - I remember its legs and arms falling off a lot - but I didn't care. My watch could tell the time AND become a robot - nothing since has excited me as much. Well, not until I saw Sonic blast through Green Hill Zone catching all those rings a few years later.

Quartz robot watch

NES games console

Gareth Beavis, phones and tablets editor

@superbeav | +garethbeavis

My best ever gadget was the first ever Nintendo console. The NES. The greatest day in my childhood.

It came with the Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt combo, and even had the light gun. I played it all day long, switching between the games, and quickly became adept at puffing air on the cartridge to make it work.

In a way I've never hit those heights again - subsequent games and even consoles never matched up to that joy. I'd liken it the way the first astronauts felt, knowing that the rush could never be repeated, as adulthood has wiped away all vestiges of my childlike wonder.

Kate Solomon, news editor

@katiesol | +katesolomon

There has never been a games console that has smelled as good as the NES. It's pretty much the only thing I remember about Christmas '92 - the almost burnt smell of fresh plastic mingled with woody cardboard and polystyrene, the tang of Christmas tree, the smokey coal of the open fire. I didn't even know I wanted a NES until I ripped the paper off and saw the box because you weren't a hashtag gamer if you had a NES or a Megadrive, you were just a lucky kid who was about to lose a year praying at the altar of Nintendo.


Motorola T180

John McCann, phones and tablets writer

@jjmccann | +johnmccann

Let's travel back to 2000. All my friends (and even my dad) have the Nokia 3210 and are rubbing it in my spotty, pubescent face. Since school started in September it's been a constant barrage of abuse, but come December 25 I have my revenge... wait... what's this?

A Motorola T180. Crap. This isn't a Nokia.

That aside, the T180 will always have a special place in my heart. It was my first mobile phone and kick started a love affair which landed me a killer job.

Moto T180

Sega Saturn

Kane Fulton, staff writer, TechRadar Pro

@kanefulton | +kanefulton

Funnily enough, I've just bought an Xbox One for myself to unwrap on Christmas day. It'll be sure to evoke memories of when I last took the wrappings off a festive console - an unexpected Sega Saturn with Bug!, Sega Rally and Virtua Fighter inside the box. A Commodore Amiga gamer at the time, I was spellbound by the Saturn's polygon-driven graphics and arcade thrills. I hope Microsoft can emulate that magic on December 25.

sega saturn

Nintendo Game Boy

Hugh Langley, staff writer

@hughlangley | +hughlangley

For me, it was opening my original Game Boy on Christmas morning – it set the bar to unrepeatable high. I don't remember anything else about that Christmas so I can only assume I was too buried in Super Mario Land to eat or speak to anyone for the rest of the week. It wasn't so much the games that excited me but the idea of being able to play them on the move. Sure, opening my Motorola V550 years later was good too, but I couldn't play Pokemon, could I?

Game Boy