One more thing: Playboy and the racy space race

Plus massive anchor kills web and YouTube tweet ban

One more thing Playboy makes the space race racy

You may have noticed that it's phone madness on TechRadar today, because of a small thing called Mobile World Congress.

Amazingly, we have heard that some people don't really give two hoots about the latest smartphones so we have decided to make this One More Thing mobile phone free. And in the place of phones we have space-age gentleman's smut, Twitter facts and the geekiest site ever - a movie database dedicated to computers in film....

Playboy for space cadets – With a little help from Virgin Galactic, Playboy has revealed just what a Playboy Club in space would look like – with a whole article dedicated to how its bunnies would look in Zero G. Let's just say, certain parts of their bodies were more gravity defying than others. [Register]

Playboy in space


You absolute anchor – A ship has moored off Kenya's coast and unwittingly severed East Africa's fibre-optic cables, meaning broadband in that area is going to be severely affected for the next fortnight or so. Kenya's lack of fibre means that its other internet tubes are going to be bunged up in the meantime. Rumours that Martine McCutcheon is on the way with a massive vat of Activia are unfounded. [BBC]

YouTube censors tweets – YouTube has banned a video uploaded to its site because it believes the birds chirping in it apparently contravene copyright laws. We expect fowl play is to blame for this sorry incident. [The Next Web]

And the TwitOscar goes to – According to TweetReach the Oscar's Cirque du Soleil performance was the most tweeted subject of the show this year, with any mention of movies and the actual awards way behind in popularity. Can it be that the Oscars is – shock, horror – actually a little boring? [ReadWriteWeb]

Computer says YES! – If, like us, the only movie star you had pinned to your wall as a student was HAL, then you will be pleased to learn that there's a site out there dedicated to computers in movies. The Ronseal-esque is the definitive list for everything computer/movie related. As a tease, we can reveal that in Die Hard a CDC Cyber 180 is used – yippee ki-yay indeed. [The Verge]

Asus pen is... a headset – Yes, we said we wouldn't mention phones but this is a phone accessory and a bizarre one at that. Asus has revealed its stylus for the Padphone is both a pen and a headset. And we have a picture to prove it. We are still trying to get confirmation that the Padfone also transforms into a tech-savvy surfboard.

Pen that s a headset

iPlayer update – The BBC has updated its iPlayer app so that you can now stream content over 3G. That sound you can here is Vodafone et al rubbing their hands over the sky-high data bills that are sure to come in. [Android Market]

Giggidy giggidy – Google is adding gigs to its search, which means that you will soon see upcoming gig alerts appear when you Google your favourite bands. It has also added free music. All you have to do is Google a band's name followed by the word torr… actually, scrap that, we have been informed this is something entirely different. [Google Search blog]

Private chancer – According to recent YouGov research, nine out of 10 British adults have not read Google's new privacy policy. If we tell you that it badmouths your mother and accuses you of being an idiot, would that make you read it? Probably not, but you should actually peruse what is happening, given that big changes are afoot. [PR]

Flat-pack video shack – IKEA has debuted videos how-tos for some of its furniture, so you can now fit together flat-pack kits with the experts. We still reckon you'll be left with one or two bits and pieces leftover regardless. [Electric-Pig]

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